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Edible Extras Food Pantry, Inc. was incorporated December 18, 2010, and is the brainchild of Michelle Musselman, a dynamic woman with a servant’s heart.  Edible Extras is a 501c3 non-profit organization developed in order to glean from grocery stores, restaurants and distributors, usable food items.  Our mission is to provide food to the needy by operating as the link between donor agencies and non-profit feeding programs.

We started with a small pick up truck with a refer slide in, “Edy”.  Through the generosity of many people, in December 2013, we purchased “Eddie”, a brand new Isuzu 14 foot refrigerated box truck with a lift gate.

Monday through Friday our refrigerated trucks pick up food from grocery stores and restaurants.  Everything is sorted, marked and distributed each day.  We operate with an entirely volunteer workforce and no one is ever charged for any food they receive.  We currently assist 17 different organizations with food for their feeding programs.  In three years, we have gleaned and distributed over 700,000 pounds of food.

There is considerable need in our community, and we see great potential in our ability to help those struggling to make ends meet.  Not bad for a small, faithful group of dedicated volunteers with hearts for serving!

All this could not be done without the continued cash support from private donors.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Praise be to God.
    You are doing a wonderful service to the community. It is so positive to hear that our wasteful tendencies are benefiting those in need by your hard work.
    May God reward and make it easy on all the volunteers.

  2. At our scheduled food drives (see Volunteer web page for schedule) we hand out information about the organization. A recent post on our web site shows a display of information about Edible Extras. We also collect food at these food drives. I hope this answers your question. Thanks for contacting us.

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